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Lindner NORTEC


Lindner is one of the world’s leading and largest manufacturers for raised and hollow floor systems. The company achieve best dimensional accuracy and a technical maturity level which is unique in the market on the very state-of-the-art and environmental friendly equipment at production sites in Germany.



Lindner's excellent quality is not left to chance, but is assured by a sophisticated quality management system, demonstrated by our certification to ISO 9001. Samples taken during production are tested against a full range of technical parameters such as stability, breaking load, dimensional accuracy, adhesive values, 

etc. (over 100 test criteria in all). Factory test labs are equipped with ultra-modern test equipment, and constantly test edge trims, adhesives, zinc layer thickness etc. 

Independent institutes test all systems to the accepted standards for noise, fire safety and mechanical resistance. Tests meeting European standards and certification for almost all European countries are part of our portfolio. Lindner also has the respective evidences for international sales areas.

NORTEC raised floor panels are made from recovered paper, recycled gypsum and reprocessed water

System products made in Germany


Lindner floor systems as well as NORTEC raised floors from calcium sulphate are developed in house as complete systems. Every component is adjusted to each other in order to guarantee a perfect result. In their factories, Lindner does not only process the carrier panels – from recovered paper, recycled gypsum and reprocessed water – but also the complete substructure. Over 15,000 t of steel per year are formed and afterwards galvanized at our premises for their finishing with the production of raised and hollow floor pedestals.

Floor panels



Complete systems are made in house by Lindner AG, the covering can be factory pre-bonded if required

General specification:

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